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Deustche Fahne
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view from the south

farm on sud

Our farm

Our new farmhouse has the name "Fasslhof". We chosed this name because we looked for a word connecting our main passions; music, wine and fruits. The farm is located at a sunny place surrounded by vineyards.

The "Fasslhof" is a very quiet farm and most ideal for children because there is now traffic at all. Though it lasts only four minutes to reach the centre of the village by foot where you can find a grocery, a supermarket, a butcher, a bakery, a newspaper store, coffee bars and restaurants.

view from the west

farm on west

view from the east

farm to owest

view from the north

farm to nord

Arnold Leimgruber, Naunweg 2b, 39057 Girlan/ Eppan, South Tyrol, Italy
  Tel. 0039 339 169 77 00